Hello fellow web surfers. I am Jacob Aguirre, creater of Dino and Sam. I'm currently 17 years old (WOOO!! I can be considered a teen!) and I reside in Murrieta, California, which is home of beautiful buxom blondes. Or is that Sweden? I always lose track...
I started drawing Dino and Sam around June 3rd, 1993. It was first called Dopey Sam. The jokes were dumb (now they're just corny) which mostly consisted of Sam picking on his sister. Oh yeah. That was the start of history right there, let me tell you.
To tell you the truth, I didn't know when I decided to add a stuffed dinosaur which is a model of my own collection to the strip. But I did know that the people liked the comic more. Today, I'm still known as "the guy who draws a comic" at my school. Eh, it's better then "that guy with the red-headed fro".
What inspired me to draw a comic strip? Truth is, I was bored. But I was always a fan of comics in the papers (Who isn't?) and also is one of the biggest Calvin and Hobbes fans in the world. Hopefully, my comic is a tribute to Calvin and Hobbes, and not an insult.
Let me say thank you to my family, my friends, and many other people who have told me to continue with these comics ever since I made them. Special thanks goes to the people of the
PFFA who are the greatest group of friends a guy can have, my wonderful parents and sister, my 4th teacher Mr. Youens (not even sure that's how you spell the name, it's been so long...sorry Mr. Youens if it is!) who really encouraged me on my comics, and my other friends who even hang out with me. Everyone of you RULE!!
I always appreciate comments about Dino and Sam. So if you have one, please e-mail me at And if you are wondering if I draw a comic way. I can draw 1 comic in a week or 8 comics in one day. It all depends on my brain and my will. But I do have at least a year's worth of comics all scattered about.
That's all I have to say, so please have a nice day and enjoy the rest of the site. WOOO!!
P.S: WOOO is just my favorite word of expression. Don't be scared, it's pretty common actually.

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