Sam is a 10 year old kid trying to understand the world his way and showing other people what he means while at it. That meaning is "You got to take with what you dish out.". And he should know. He's basically a happy kid who lives though his family and stuffed dinosaur Dino.



Dino is based on one of my stuffed animals that I had since a baby. He adds to the comic that whole "Calvin and Hobbes" thing that goes on. I want people to know that I love Bill Watterson's work and Calvin and Hobbes, and be chance no means to mock him. Anyways, he provides companionship to Sam and is his best and only true friend.

Jane is Sam's sister and the target of his practical jokes. She is like every teenage girl in America. If you don't know what that is, go to a mall and find out for yourself. Anywho, she also gets back at Sam. But like every brother and sister, they do love each other.



THE PARENTS (John and Sally)
As you can see, glasses run in the family. Not much to say about them, except they try to help Sam whenever he needs it (and he NEEDS it). They also love all of their children. As for Dino, they think it's strange for Sam to still be playing with a stuffed dinosaur, but they let him be.


Lily is the new member of the house, so there isn't much to be said. But she holds a talent for art (Just ask Sam) and Dino thinks she is oh-so-cute! (Who wouldn't think that?)